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Mirage Club/Loyalty Cards coming soon!
Rules and Regulations for Bingo Oasis Inc. / Loyalty Club:By accepting the loyalty card you are accepting the rules and regulations of the Bingo Oasis Inc./ Loyalty Club. Loyalty Cards cannot be used for, or exchanged for cash. Bingo Oasis Inc./ reserves the right to revoke, cancel, refuse loyalty card(s), or edit the rules and regulations at anytime. Loyalty cards are not transferable. Identification will be needed to redeem loyalty points. Only the person whose name appears on the card may accumulate and/or redeem points. Misuse of loyalty cards will result in revocation.  By utilizing the Loyalty Club Card, you agree not to hold Bingo Oasis Inc./ liable for any misuse, loss of points, data breach, or any type of harm or malice that may result from usage of this card. Cards that are lost will cost $2.00 to replace. If card is replaced, you will receive a new club number. The old number will be deleted, and points will be transferred.  Only one card per person and you must be 18 or older to receive a Loyalty Card. Points may not be redeemed during any progressive must-go session or during any other special event. A minimum bingo purchase of $20 per bingo session is required in order to accumulate points on the Loyalty Card. Only one swipe/purchase (receipt) per bingo session, per Loyalty Card, is allowed. Bingo Oasis Inc./ staff and members of Non Profit Organizations hosting bingo at Bingo Oasis Inc./ are not permitted to participate in the Loyalty Club.

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