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August 1st

1 at $3000 & 3 x $1199

7:30 pm

August 9th 

1 at $4000 & 3 x $1199

12:00 pm

August 15th

2 @ $3200 3 x $1199

11:30 am

August 23rd

1 @ $3600

at 7:30 pm

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Tate VanEaton
3 days ago Jan.9.2018
I have played Bingo from Florida to LasVegas. I play the $500,000 and $1,000,000 tournaments frequently in LasVegas. Most importantly, I'm basing my Review of Bingo Oasis off of many visits to different sessions, rather than writing a Review of one visit on maybe a good or a bad day for the hall. First, Let's consider, since gambling was legalized in 1991 and the casino towns were formed.... Bingo in Colorado took a hit. We are Lucky to have a handful of places left to play at! Now, for those visiting from out of town or a person wanting a quick thumbs up (is this place good) or thumbs down (this place sucks) I give it two thumbs up. Why: 1. It is easy to find and has lots of parking. Handicap parking also. 2. They have big tables! Not a bunch of cheap small tables scooted together. So, you have lots of room to play. 3. They have number boards in which all the numbers light. I have played at so many places where they all don't.... It's nice to know by looking up, if the ball has been called. 4. Lots of monitors. Not a bad seat in the house. My only question, would be the two old ones up by the caller? I hope to see those upgraded soon. Please! 5. The Bingo machine. It's a Bingo King. An oldie but a goodie! Seems to be reliable and not act up like some small halls that I have played. 6. The Electronic machines. Compared to machines at other local Bingo halls these are sweet.Nice clear screens that are easy to read and use. Lots of options w color, dauber,etc. The batteries hold there charge very well compared to others I have played on. The wireless link is flawless. Try one! 7. The packages. As you should expect, they offer a wide variety of paper and electronic packages. So, if you are an 80 year old lady that wants one paper or a Bingo Pro (Big player) that wants to load a machine to the Max and play as many papers as you can, they can accommodate you. I have seen them run a special on pricing for machines (which I love) from time to time. 8. The Players. Is it in all Bingo players DNA to complain? Haha I wonder sometimes. I have seen bingo players complain,moan,groan gripe,etc from coast to coast! Now, one thing I have seen at Bingo Oasis is a very diverse group of players....old/young male/female and players of all races. It is a good mix. Players that are very serious and players just out with friends or family having fun. 9. The Food. I have tried Bingo food all over the country! I like the food here! It is a simple menu that is executed very well, quick and is tasty. More importantly, I like that they give you a number stick and bring the food to your table. This is extremely nice if you are taping together and setting up your Bingo spread or maybe you have friends/family you want to enjoy with your time instead of waiting for your food. I have not tried everything, however, what I have has been good. The fridge is ice cold (which I like) so, no luke warm soda or water here. 10. The Owner/manager. I have personally met him and you are lucky. Why? Because he has a desire to give you a great place to play Bingo. How do I know this? Open your eyes. He is at a lot (most) of the sessions. Above and beyond his work as owner/manager, I have seen him clean, empty trash, help with the grill/concession area and he walks around meeting, greeting and talking with the players. (I like this) He knows, with no Bingo players....there is no need for a Bingo hall. He cares about you and giving you the best experience/entertainment that he can. 11. The Groups. While I have not played every session they offer. I have played many. We have to consider being a small Bingo hall that these folks/teens are volunteering. I see groups,callers and individuals get better the more they do it. Look, if you are expecting a flawless session....maybe I would expect one at Southpoints Million Dollar Extravaganza but not here at a Youth football or baseball deal. So, understand, be patient, they will only get better and btw.... For a small Bingo hall they aren't bad. 12. The Fun!!!!! Don't EVER forget to make your Bingo FUN!!!

3 days ago
WOW! 13 and 14. We love you Tate VanEaton! Thank you

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