Bingo Oasis    
10657 Melody Dr. 

Northglenn, CO.   

Happy Fathers Day

New Sessions

H.S. Band
Mon. and Weds.
Starts at 7:00 pm
High-roller at 9:00 pm
Doors Open at 5:00 pm $1800 Total
Cash Prizes at both sessions

Progressive Must Go

Saturday June 3rd 
at 10:00 pm
5 x $1199

Monday June 5th
at 7:00 pm 
3 x $1000 & 1 @ TBD

Sunday June 18th
at 8:45 pm 
5 x $1100

Wed. June 28th
at 9:00 pm
  $3000 &
 3 x $1199 

The only place
where you can

"Watch the Ponies Run!"
Down-line Derby
Fire horse

New website
coming soon!
(We promise)

"Going to Bingo Oasis was one of the best leisure experiences I have ever had! The location seems a little "off" but once inside the bingo hall, it is another world. 

The people are so friendly, courteous and helpful. I am talking about the staff and the players! We were a party of four and three of us were clueless. Although some of the terms and games are a little confusing, they give you a "cheat sheet" with explanations that you get to keep throughout the game.

The food was reasonable and I LOVED the chicken wings and "haystack". The timing for the games went smoothly along and I was able to play two packs relatively easy. The game started at 7:30 and we were out by 9:30!
I haven't played bingo since I was a child. All I remember is the smoke, the loud yelling of numbers mixed with loud conversations, tempers flairing, and expensive lousy food. What a nightmare.

Bingo Oasis is NOTHING like that. We all really enjoyed the relaxing time we had and have decided to have a monthly girls' bingo night! Oh, I forgot to mention the best part! My friend won $900 on the last game of the night! 

We WILL definitely go back!"

Bingo Night for Family of Four

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